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trying to upgrade from pro 2015 to 2016

Question asked by on Feb 10, 2017

I have both 2015 pro 2016 pro on my Macbook pro laptop , running os 10.11(Mavericks).. I have 2015 on my desktop and only other computer I own. I am trying to upgrade 2016 onto my desktop (a 21" Mac Ibook running OS 10.9.5, Mavericks) but have been unable to do so for the past 9 months. The message i receive is that I already have it installed on another computer .  To my knowledge i do not, have not and do not intend to do so.  

In my earlier attempts to load it onto my destop, (It shows up as an icon but will not open), I get the message trial period expired. I have tried to remove that copy in attempt to upload it but no luck. HALP !


Below is a copy of my communication with "creation Engine Orders" which is I trust a component of Trimble .

 We really need Sketchup in our non profit work (, and have sorely missed it on the desktop over these past 9 months odd, so I hope you can help sort it out.


Thanks in advance,

Richard Stanley

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