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VX Camera Fault

Question asked by on Mar 11, 2017

My employer recently purchased a VX total station second hand, from a Trimble dealer.

Since we have purchased it, the camera has failed twice. The first time, it was sent back to the dealer for repair. 
It came back and was working fine for a few weeks.

Since then, it has stopped working. There was some sign that there was a problem occurring, with strong interference showing on the image displayed via the TSC2. See the attached image for what this looked like.

As of today, the camera no longer works. This means scanning is very hard to do, locking onto targets remotely is not possible, etc.


Is there a way to see if the fault is a physical issue within the VX, or a driver/firmware issue? I would like to be able to run some diagnostics on the unit prior to sending it away for repair again, as that is a time consuming and disruptive process.