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Traverse Methodology

Question asked by Barney Brotherhood on Mar 7, 2017

Hi all.


Would anyone happen to have a decent traverse methodology for Trimble Access + s6? I've been through the helps etc. numerous times, but still experience the odd issue. I know there are particular steps that need to be taken in the field to get the process right i.e. naming of final FS etc. and it's this that I need a clearer understanding of.


I'm keen on processes for:


  1. Looped run (i.e. start & finish set-up on known with BS/FS to known)
  2. Run between two known points (i.e. start & finish set-ups over unknowns with BS & FS to known). 


I can handle the office side of things once everything is into TBC, no worries.


Thanks in advance.