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SX10 Tips and Tricks

Discussion created by Chris Trevillian on Mar 10, 2017
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I'd like to start a discussion where everyone can share their ideas and experience with the new Trimble SX10.  This can be anything from recommendations to field operations or office procedures to help work with the data.  


I'll start by mentioning two concepts that helped me reduce my time in the field when scanning:


1) When scanning outdoors and trying to capture the entire 360° horizontal scene, you can dramatically reduce the amount of time by using the Horizontal band technique in the scanning framing methods.  Once this method is selected, all you need to do is highlight the highest object in your FOV that needs capture.  From my experience this can cut the time from a full dome down by 40%-50%.


2) When scanning a specific object of interest (we will use a stockpile as an example), only frame out the stockpile with a polygon or rectangle scanning method.  NOTE: This can be used with the Scan Station setup type as well as long as you have sufficient overlap to register in the office.


While full dome capture is a great option in certain cases, the majority of your outdoor scan situations can created wasted effort when trying to scan/image toward the zenith.  Typically when outdoors, this will all be sky with no data returns.