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Does anyone with 5800 rovers have a problem doing NTRIP Caster RTK from Trimble CORS using CMR+??

Question asked by Alexander Holsteinson on Mar 14, 2017
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Last year we were able to use several Trimble 5800 RTK rovers with Trimble SLATE with ACCESS 2016-10 to do RTK via NTRIP Caster with CMR+ correction protocol with several NetR9 and firmware 5.20 and several NetR5 with firmware 48.01 but since December 31th 2016 we can not initiate and do the RTK survey anymore.

Is there a bug on the CMR+ or maybe the leap second added on December 31, 2016??

Please help that we have over 20 5800 RTK rovers with firmware 2.32 that use NTRIP Caster with CMR+ to work