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Can anyone explain how to use the Trimble Access Tunnel app to carry out the survey of a tunnel?

Question asked by on Mar 30, 2017
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Hello.  I have a Trimble S8 with TSC3 and would like to use the tunnel app in order to autoscan sections at regular intervals throughout the tunnel.  I do not have an existing template.  I have read the Trimble help manual but have so far been unsuccessful at making any progress with it.


My understanding is that once the station set up is complete the app allows you to select a start and end point plus the frequency of scan section intervals.  Has anyone used the app before and could possibly explain how to correctly input the required information to define the tunnel then commence autoscanning?  Or maybe it would be better to manually carry out the survey and avoid the app.  If anyone has any feedback of their experience using the app it would be greatly appreciated.