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Trimble Connect vs. Trimble Connected Community (TCC)

Question asked by Bob Epstein on Mar 31, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2017 by Lane Carter

We have about 20 survey crews. We currently use TCC to send them calcs and to receive their survey data. We use TCC Explorer on an office computer to sync to the "cloud," which in turn is sync'd with the controllers using AccessSync.


Our needs are quite straightforward—real-time two-way synchronization of files between the office and multiple survey crews. TCC does this reasonably well.


Question: Is Trimble Connect a viable replacement for TCC for this purpose? I'd like to find out if it can automatically and continuously sync files every few minutes the way TCC Explorer does. The shortest interval on the scheduling screen seems to be one hour, which is far too long for our needs.