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TBC total station network adjustment

Question asked by on Apr 7, 2017
Latest reply on May 18, 2019 by Robert Hoy

Guys, I think that I found a major problem with total station network adjustment.


Why is not possible to perform 2D and 1D adjustment (not 3D adjustment) with total station measureaments?


3D adjustment: slope distances + vertical angles + horizontal angles

2D adjustment: horizontal distances + horizontal angles

1D adjustment: height difference (differential or trigonometric levelling)


We know 3D adjustment is difficult to apply with total station observations because vertical angle it doesn't fit well according horizontal distances and horizontal angles. So, why TBC only take 2D or 3D measurements to do a network adjustment. But, what happen with height differences computed with slope distances and vertical angles? Why doesn't exist an option to perform a 1D adjustment as a differential levelling?


I attached a comparison with several configurations according traverse adjustment. The best option is 2D adjustment taking all measureaments (and not a mean value). But, I can't perform a vertical adjustment to compute heights because 3D adjustment is not the best option in this case.


We need urgently a 1D vertical adjustment with total station.