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Question asked by on Apr 10, 2017
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this is Andrea Armani from Parma, Northern Italy. I am a small business owner working in the security range. We realize outdoor alarm and CCTV systems for residential and commercial use. We are developing our business collaboration platform to integrate CRM and ERP functions, to manage our entire workflow, since lead generation and sales network managment, to delivery and customer care services. We are looking for a 3D partner to integrate 3D planning in our platform. For us, all starts with the customer need to protect their property (house, shed or shop). During technical inspection we understand how to protect the property, we take pictures and get planimetry by the customer. When we come back to the office we draw the property using 3D planner (actually SWEET HOME 3D). Everyting starts choosing Devices (as cameras or detectors) . We define how to protect the property dragging into the planimetry all detectors we need to project the right protection. Sweet Home 3D software is a client software that allow us to do two important things:


1) To easily customize libraries with our 3d Models

2) To export item list (csv file)  that we use to configure offers with a specific software we developed (step by step wizard) or to make it dialog with our softwares through api


In this moment we would like to bring the process to the next level integrating 3D online planning because we need to keep everything in one place. 3D planning will be our leading tool to create offers and to sync ERP data. This project is started to build a platform for us, but secondary step, will be to sell the platform. What't the fastes way to start this?


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