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How to Geo-reference in realworks

Question asked by on Apr 12, 2017

Good day.


This is a Geo-reference question with a work path of Real works, recap and Revit.


I work with a small design team and recently the company purchased a Trimble TX8 .

My task is to take a scan file in to Recap, soften it up and have it ready for Inventor or Revit. But I can bearly use any of the Recap tools because the files that I am bring in to Recap are not Structured . The scan guys are out of town for the next few days so I am trying to learn Realworks enough so I can tell them how I need the files. I need file type FLS, ZFS, PTX or PTG. Realworks will not give me those options to export, from everything I have read its do to a lack of Geo-referencing. 


Below are the summed up questions I have.

Is Geo-referencing the only issue? is there more possible issues? is there another way to make it structured? What is the correct work path for bringing in a scan and exporting out of Realworks? How important is recap or can I skip recap and use the RCP file export option and go straight to Revit?