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Issues Creating Data Dictionary Using Pathfinder Office

Question asked by on Apr 16, 2017
Hi all,
I need to create a data dictionary in Pathfinder Office and then load it onto a Trimble unit.
I will need to record dozens of species associated with one point feature.  I am wondering if it is possible to have only one drop down that contains all possible species, and design it so that when a species is selected from the drop down, it gets put into a list, but then make it possible for the human data collector to choose again from the same drop down to enter in the next species.  I'm hoping to have a list of species associated with that point as the end result
What I am trying to avoid is having dozens of drop downs within my data dictionary.  As I understand it now, it is only possible to have one drop down per selection (in my case species), so my data dictionary is congested with dozens of drop downs, making field data collection very inefficient.  
Additionally, there are literally 100's of possible species from which to choose in these drop down lists.  Is it possible to program some kind of autofill in the Trimble units using Pathfinder?  It would save time in the field if technicians could simply enter in the few first letters of a species and have it pop up, as opposed to scrolling through a list of several hundred species using the Trimble stylus.  
Thanks for any information.