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Accessing attributes (pt name, Feature codes in Civil 3d)

Question asked by Joel Cusick on May 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2018 by Mike Racz

I have TBC 3.81, current Access on controllers. Job file used and FXL with Codes.  My civil engineer who did the survey now is complaining "I cant see point name, elevation, code" as a label in Civil 3D"..."like my other drawings". I'm not a CAD guy, I'm a GIS guy.  I get the FXL thing, and in GIS, we call these attributes that I can export to GIS formats and label a point.  No big deal.  But CAD.  Export parameters are pretty simple for CAD. I'm exporting in DXF and DWG v. 14, still nothing is showing up besides points.  Can I alter the current FXL, add symbols, layers pointing back to point name, etc, embed the edited fxl into the Job and get what he wants? Or is this a CAD label style issue.  Seems simple.  I don't have the advanced CAD module.  


thanks for any input you guys may have.