david renaud

Beginning Template Station? And Other Questions.

Discussion created by david renaud on May 11, 2017

I created a corridor and assigned a template from the beginning station. It doesn't start until 17.71 feet after the beginning station. And it ends, 10.47 feet before the end station.


I have three corridors, and they all behave differently - one started at the beginning station, two didn't. the distance from the beginning and end stations varies. How do I apply the template to the entire alignment?


Also, there are flags all over the corridor - I assume that this is because I have sharp angles in my alignments and the corridor surface overlaps on itself. But how do I query the flagged alerts?


What I am doing is staking water main with alignment defined as the center of the pipe. I created a flat template based on the top of pipe vertical profile so that I can go up to 50 feet away from pipe CL and have it give cuts to top of pipe. I can see issues where I encounter a 90deg bend if the profile changes (it does). Is there a way in Access Roads to pull design elevations from the profile regardless of my offset?


vce attached.