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exporting to a shape file with attributes problem

Question asked by on May 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2019 by Scott Lehr

Greetings....I have created a feature definition file (fxl) in Trimble Business Center. I have uploaded it to my surveyors data collector.  This fxl file only has 1 feature in it. "Manhole". Within this feature, I have created about 40 attributes referencing different data for the manhole inspection.  When I import to TBC, I can select on a manhole point, right click and see the properties, which is the 40 attributes that the surveyor input. The problem comes when I try to export these points out to GIS Shape files.  I am getting the feature name "manhole" but none of the attributes come with it.  I did this previously with an earlier software (Trimble Office) and it exported the attributes with it.  Any idea what might be going wrong here? I was hoping this would be an easy export.  I'd be glad to email anyone some files to look at if it would help.  Thanks for taking a  look everyone!