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NMEA Output from Trimble Geo7x

Question asked by on Jun 2, 2017
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Hi all.

I'm sorry, could I have a question, please?


Is anybody using nmea output from Trimble geo7x?


I have tried that but I haven't been successful. I don't know why exactly. I have tried two smartphones but any hasn't got NMEA sentences from Geo7x. I have tried Samsung J3 (Android) with "Bluetooth GPS" application and MS Lumia 535 (Windows10Mobile) with "GPS Bluetooth" application. However both smartphones didn't get data. The first I paired both equipments - smartphone and Geo7x and then I changed setting NMEA Output to ON in "GPS Controller" (application in Geo7x) and then I tried to connect to Geo7x in application in smartphones. Unfortunately without successful.


Was anybody successful in this case?


Thanks for your answers ;-)