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How to upload Revit models on the correct position?

Question asked by on Jun 15, 2017
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In our project, we use the several kinds of BIM software, including Revit, Tekla, Civil3D. We would like to survey which tool could help us to coordinate in our coordination process. And now, we select Trimble Connect to test.

My question is that the models are not shown on the right position.

I upload several Revit models already, and the single model can be shown by the browser, and operation performance is good, so amazing for us. However, when I select two or more models to view, these models distribute on the different positions. But, in the Revit, these models have the same project base origin point; Moreover, if I export these models from Revit to Navisworks, it's fine. They stand on the correct position.

When I upload the model to Trimble Connect by Add-Ins in the Revit, I tried to set the Alignment (shared coordinates, and project origin). But, no matter what options I select, the results are the same (wrong positions).

What is happening?


The attachment is the picture, which I select two models to view, including architecture model and structure model. In the picture, you can see these models are distributed on the different positions, but they should be on the same position.