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New file version when file is moved

Question asked by on Jul 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2018 by Fern Udomrasami



I noticed that a new file version is created when a file is moved from one folder to another. 


This creates problems. We would like to follow your File Approval Procedure with Shared and Published folders. According to this procedure a file should be first uploaded to Shared folder and then moved to Published folder by Document Controller. But this creates already two versions for this file. Doing this again creates another 2 versions and there are 4 in total. 


This is wrong because:

- file when moved doesn't change. Information in it doesn't change so there is no point of calling it a new version.

- In File Approval Process history of a file should show only file versions which are actually different and have at the same time a new revision. Someone looking for a previews revision (previous version uploaded) will need to browse through double number of files, and count them, to find a correct revision.


In perfect situation version 1 should represent revision 1, v2 = rev 2, v3 = rev3 and so on.


Is it possible to do this in Trimble Connect with File Approval Process ?

Is it possible to stop a new version to be created if a file is moved?


Is it possible, if a file have many versions, to update a different file with the same name in a new location only with the latest version of this file instead of merging all versions?


Currently, when a file is replacing another file a menu appears with an option to merge all versions but when I deselected this option, the dialog changes to "Move" but the file isn't moved at all. Both files stay as there were.


Can you please explain it or fix it?


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