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Any constraint of model size for opening in iOS App? and one recommendation

Question asked by Fu-Cih Siao on Jul 4, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2017 by Fern Udomrasami


I appreciate you to respond to me first about my previous question (

Now, I have another question about the model opening in iOS App (Trimble-Connect).

I had uploaded several models, including Architectural model (137 MB), Structural model (177 MB), ICT model (55 MB), and so on.

I download and install the iOS App (Trimble-Connect) as well. I open the ICT model (55 MB) on my iPhone 7 Plus successfully, and moreover the operation performance and experience is good for me. However, I would like to open another model, which is Architectural model, taking over 30 min(s) to wait it, but the status is still "viewer data processing". When I open that ICT model, just taking few min(s). So, my question is any constraint of model size for opening the model in iOS App ?

Additionally, can you provide the service about "background App refresh" for Trimble-connect App in iPhone? I need to keep the Trimble-connect App opening and ensure the display of iPhone is not locked during the period of viewer data processing, but meanwhile, I would like to use other Apps or close the display of iPhone to save the power of battery. This is just my recommendation.

Thank you very much.


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