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Trimble Business Center Point Cloud Memory Leak

Question asked by on Oct 3, 2017


  • Windows 10 Pro Desktop
  • Core i7-6700 3.4GHz
  • GeForce GTX 750 Ti, 2GB GDDR5 dedicated
  • 16 GB DDR4
  • SSD


When our land surveyor is running Trimble Business Center and using Point Clouds, his RAM usage is at 94%. If we run TBC in Windows 7 compatibility mode, RAM usage is 45%. However, when running in compatibility mode, if he zooms out it only sometimes shows the point symbols and does not display labels for the points until he is zoomed in again. In Windows 10 mode, it displays the points and labels.



  1. Is there a memory leak for Windows 10 that might be fixed in an upcoming update?
  2. Anything we can do to make the labels and points visible when running in compatibility mode?
  3. Are there any other changes we can make to improve performance?
  4. Is greater that 16GB DDR recommended for working with point clouds in TBC?


Any information is appreciated for us to continue troubleshooting this issue!