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FMX 750 has problems with GPS positioning, not reliable

Question asked by Michael Schulz on Nov 1, 2017

We use a FMX-750 with EZ-Plot for seeding.


Every time we start seeding we have to adjust the configuration of the seeding machine, because of the distance between the rows is not working well. In one direction there is an overlay and in the other a gap. We use RangePointRTX, so we have a signal quality of 2 centimeters. The FMX shows it receives RTX and GPS-Signals in the quality needed.


Because of gaps and overlays we adjust the offset in the form of trial and error. It costs 1-2 hours before seeding until it fits and overlay/gaps disappears. I'm about to throw the FMX on the trash.


In the meantime, I have the suspicion that it could be due to the inclination of the terrain and the position of the tractor due to the offset of the antenna is not calculated correctly. But I'm not sure. Actually, everything was set up by "professionals". I do not dare to change that, because it could get even worse. Somehow the entire system is not reliable.