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Penmap for Android- Site Calibration

Question asked by Matt Bombace on Nov 11, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2017 by Martin Westers

First off, great software/app. Really great to work with and have enjoyed it thus far. That said, am having a problem with my site calibration. To start I imported some corridor control points (DWG Format) into the Penmap Project Manager. Created a project for the sole purpose of conducting a site calibration. The construction project and all of its features are all running on a localized scale factor (Grid to Ground Scale Factor 1.00016) and the control points loaded within the DWG file are scaled to this scale factor as well.


I have been unsuccessful in Penmap in calibrating the site to these points. After conducting all of the necessary steps to get the GNSS (Catalyst DA1) receiver up and running, enable the RTK correction service and activate the "Calibrate" tool under the GNSS settings, Penmap asks that you snap to a known reference point. I select the first known control point within the loaded DWG and Penmap asks to verify the embedded coordinates within that node/point. Sometimes the elevation does not populate, while other times it does, correctly. After confirming the coordinates and elevation of the reference point Penmap confirms that measurements of the reference point are taking place, and then nothing.


There is an option under the Calibration > Settings to apply a scale factor. This is where I have entered in the 1.00016 and used the "Fixed Scale" check box.     


The Control Points main icon remains with "0" control points stored and the only options to continue are the check and X. After hitting the accept (check) button Penmap simply returns back to the home menu.


Trying again, going back into the Control Point > Calibrate Penmap prompts you that a site calibration already exists for the loaded project and asks if you would like to create a new calibration, edit the existing or delete the existing. I have tried all 3 options. If editing the existing site calibration there still shows "0" control points stored. 


It is evident that there is no scale factor applied to the project when returning to the base map and viewing the control points with the basemap active and the reference points in the DWG are located 135' to the southeast of where they should be located. This holds true for any points gathered during the survey, once exported out. 


I am trying to figure out what I am doing wrong? I am also wondering that once I overcome this scale factor/calibration issue can I load this site calibration into future Penmap projects so that I don't have to run a calibration on each project created?


Thank you for any responses to these questions.