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How to SetColor to modelObject with API

Question asked by on Dec 7, 2017



I'm making a real time construction status monitoring solution. Idea is to change model objects colors by status from our database. I made a test app with Trimble Connect Desktop API to set model object colors. And it's working:

var allModelObjects = activeProject.ModelObjectManager.GetModelObjects().ToList();
{foreach (ModelObject modelObject in allModelObjects)
{Color color = Color.FromName("Green"); modelObject.SetColor(color);}}


But the only way to save newly colored objects is to create new View:


There is no "UpdateView" method. I need some sort of "Live" always up to date View.


I'm trying to do the same thing with Web API (Trimble.Connect.Client) way:

var views = await projectClient.Views.GetAllAsync();
Trimble.Connect.Client.Models.View liveView = new Trimble.Connect.Client.Models.View();
foreach (Trimble.Connect.Client.Models.View view in views)
{if (view.Name == "Live")
{liveView = view;}}

I can see my View and it's properties in the debugger, but can't figure out how to get model objects and to set colors.

Is it possible with Trimble.Connect.Client or do I need to use REST commands? How to set colors to model objects like beams and columns?