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Trimble Login Intent not working

Question asked by on Dec 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by Nico Becke



I've recently integrated the Catalyst Facade for Java into our existing Android app. However on the release version of the app I am unable to login to the Trimble Mobile Manager. The intent returns with result code 0, aka Activity.RESULT_CANCELED.


I was told on Friday 15 Dec that the registration process was complete, and I was given my app guid, but it doesn't seem to be working. Is there some way of confirming that my app is correctly registered? My communication so far has been through


If it is not a registration problem I am wondering what I am doing wrong. I have inluded a as simple as possible app to show the problem i'm having, as well as the source code (without the guid).


So I have three questions.


1. Is there some way of confirming that my app registration is active?

2. Is there some way of getting a more detailed error back from the login intent than just RESULT_CANCELED?

3. Am I making some obvious mistake?


I've attached a signed apk of my sample app and the source code for the activity, minus my guid.