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Trimble Realworks 10.4 EasyProfile Problems

Question asked by john blaikie on Dec 27, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2019 by Ronan Kelly

Is there a step by step procedure for using the EasyProfile command in Trimble Realworks? Two problems:

1. I am getting pretty frustrated trying to use it to create top of curb and gutter lines from point cloud data. I have good data, but for some reason the profile keeps wanting to randomly run off the curb lines or where there is a driveway drop, extrapolate across it as though there is a pretend top of curb 0.5' above the actual surface.

 2. Once you hit start, and bad sections of the EasyProfile lines are created, is there a way to edit the sections so that I can select the bad areas and keep the good ones? If I delete a segment, it removes everything created after it even if it is good line work. I would like to just be able to remove sections. Is there a way to trim polylines in TRW?