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File Size Limitations for Trimble Connect on HoloLens

Question asked by on Mar 7, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by Jordan Lawver

First off, I love Trimble Connect and the possibilities it will bring moving forward. I am running Trimble Connect on my HoloLens and am in need of some assistance with a few issues I am having... Will there be some how-to guides coming out in the future on optimizing Revit models or Sketchup models to be viewed through the Lens? I have loaded a variety of models to my account and they look and work great from the online browser. When I view on the Lens I feel like anything over 100 MB just simply wont work or is verrrrry laggy/buggy. The smaller models work and operate fine and I feel like there's really not much of a difference between them and the larger ones besides size. If there were a guide with recommended settings, size limits, etc that would be very helpful. I am having my Revit coordinator playing the guess and check game as she continues to try and reduce the size on these and it is getting frustrating for both of us.