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TMM Location sharing: Unable to get new browser positions after interruption

Question asked by on Mar 12, 2018
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I have encountered some odd behaviour concerning the browser position:


When I "lose" the "Trimble position" in the browser, I can't manage to get an current, valid Trimble position again.

To test the behaviour, I've adapted a JSFiddle: Geolocation API Demo - JSFiddle 

The Trimble position gets "lost", when I perform the following steps: 


  1. TMM working, delivers and shares valid, current positions. Firefox (JSFiddle website) also uses these positions and updates them after every click on "Get position" => OK!!
  2. TMM: Disable "Connect"
  3. Browser: "Get position": after a few clicks, I get the less acurate "internal smartphone GPS" position => OK!!
  4. TMM Enable "Connect" again, wait till TMM has a position (sharing is still active)


After 1-3 iterations, in step 1, the "Trimble position" is not availabe to the browser, although TMM shows position updates. Only "internal GPS" positions (you can tell by the accuracy) are availabe.

The logfile shows a message: "Publish old positions".


The same behaviour can be reproduced by:

  • locking the screen - waiting some time - unlocking
  • deactivate sharing - activate it again
  • closing the TMM app - open it again, connecting, enable sharing, ...

but "disconnecting" (in TMM, not USB/device) and reconnecting is the fastest way to reproduce the error.


Tested on



Can anyone confirm this behaviour?

Thanks and best regards, Greg