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Getting Opus Error

Question asked by Patrick Toms on Apr 12, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by John Hamilton

Ok guys 


I just did a 3 Hour static with my R8.... but when I submit this .T02 file to Opus I keep getting this error.....


FILE: 1 TR1051043072066


 2005   NOTE:  The IGS precise and IGS rapid orbits were not available

 2005   at processing time.  The IGS ultra-rapid orbit was/will be used to

 2005   process the data.


 9011   OPUS could not process the data file that was submitted.  The data was

 9011   either very noisy or it was collected in kinematic mode.Or OPUS software

 9011   has issue during this time, please reupload later.




I dont know what the malfunction here is.... Is This something I did as in a procedural Blunder?  Or was this  rather a software blunder. 


I have attached the .t02 File for youre amusement ....any advice is appreciated