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Old Juno SB and Pathfinder Pro XH in my drawer - worth using?

Question asked by Guest on Apr 11, 2018

I found several old Juno SBs and a Pathfinder Pro XH in my drawer at work. Stuff I don't how to use - we currently use Bad Elf GPS paired with an iPad for GPS point collection.


But, in some of the literature I have read it seems that the XH can have sub-meter resolution, getting down to 30cm?  Seems possible much better than the bad elf (at 2-3m).


Is anyone using such ancient technology and have any tips?  I have them charged, supposedly communicating through BlueTooth to each other, but I can't seem to get a signal lock (with sateliites) and I certainly don't know about the best method for moving points from the ancient Windows Mobile software / Arc Pad 8.0  / GPS controller sofwtare on thge device to my Windows 10 / ArcMap 10.6 machine.