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Locked out of projects

Question asked by on Apr 20, 2018
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I am using the free Sketchup app (was so happy with it I was considering a pro license even though I really can't afford it).. until I got locked out of my projects.


For a couple days, the has been saying it was having trouble connecting.. I finally went to and got in that way ... luckily the first thing I did was download my skp files.. 


becuase now, its saying i can't get in


Sketchup app is saying that I may have too many saves in my account.. Yeah I likely do but now won't let me in to delete any


SO I'm stuck.


I've gone from loving the whole experience of sketchup to being super frustrated with the lack of support. I get that I'm a free user.. I was trying to log in to the account to delete unneeded files and clean up .. and I was seriously considering the paid product - I noticed something like Sketchup shop which seems like it will be a model between free and pro - it looks like it would be affordable

However, this experience is turning me off to the company.. the product is great, but buggyness and no way to contact support to unlock / fix my account so I can delete the extra junk and get it working again does not give me confidence.