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Export Plan Sheets from TBC to Autodesk

Question asked by Barney Brotherhood on Apr 30, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2018 by Alan Sharp

Hi. While the Advanced Drafting features in TBC are really awesome, I'm still a die-hard AutoCAD user and continue to use this package for finishing prior to publishing, particularly for annotation/dimensioning. 


I've got the hang of creating my sheet sets in TBC i.e. x-secs, plans etc. I then export the sheets as .dwg and go from there. Currently, this works well for cross sections and profiles, but I cannot get plan views to come through to CAD at all. As per the attachments, I can only get a single rectangle (assume this to be the individual Dynaview), on a single layer - nothing else.


Please could someone explain where I might be going wrong? 


Thanks in advance.