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Export Steelwork to DWG

Question asked by Ronan Kelly on May 6, 2018

Recently I have been using the Plant --> steelworks tool to create T, I and H section models from cloud. I have been unable to export this data successfully to dwg (using the same methodology as used for polylines, boxes and cylinders).

When exporting I use export frame as home (to maintain project datum) and leave tick boxes UNTICKED (see below)

Export to DWG options

Result is NO Steelwork exports to DWG, only created polylines boxes and cylinders exported. All Steelwork information Lost.


When I run the export again but with both the "export coplanar polylines" boxes ticked, Result  steelwork gets exports however orientation and RL information is lost (see image below). The steelwork is roughly in the correct coordinate however has lost pitch/orientation all vertical and sit down at RL 0. Polylines, Boxes and Cylinders sit on correct datum.

DWG Steelwork Vertical and RL 0

I have tried other formats such as direct to SketchUp and .fbx exports which also does not work. Please advise if there is a method of exporting steelwork as 3D solids (while maintaining orientation and position) to CAD or Otherwise.



Version: TRW Advanced-Modeler Ver: (most up to date available)

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