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Corridor template-instruction not correctly reflected

Question asked by SESHAGIRI MUTHYA on May 12, 2018
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I attach a file "0-16K DTM.vce"

There are several templates in the file.

You will notice that there is a ditch that is forming on the LHS. 

If you look at the previous instruction 17+VEL to 18+ Ditch 1 L, it is supposed to be 1.4m below point 17+VEL. But is not. The side slope must have terminated at the ground surface, but is overshooting and creating an unwanted Ditch. 

The instruction is identical on the RHS which is behaving properly.


If I delete the following template (2+165.01 Type 2), this corrects itself.


I am baffled.


Will some one help.