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TBC LandXML Export to C3D

Question asked by Sean Lahann on May 14, 2018
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by SESHAGIRI MUTHYA

I have been building surfaces in TBC for the last year and I have loved the options and convenience of not having to use C3D to do my work. TBC is far better for survey work and to visualize 3D for this work; however the end product goes to engineers who need it in c3d; so here is my problem:


I create the surface in TBC without ever creating contours. I then export that surface using the landxml option (this is the only thing I have found that goes into C3D). When the LandXML is imported into C3D there are contours associated with the surface. I leave it up to the engineers to create the contours based on the TIN. Does any one know why this is and how to correct this?