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Can not drag and drop files into TBC?

Question asked by Patrick Toms on May 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2018 by Steven Witte

Ok..... I have used several computers with TBC,   I have always been able to drag and drop .job files .t02 and csv files with no problem.... I usually just create a project and drop the desired files into it... if the project definition is different I get a message asking me what I would like to do... But no problems.

I installed TBC on my Laptop and It will not let me drag and drop files into a project. It makes me import them Via a import folder that I choose. 

This is the most annoying thing.... I have a gut feeling it is permissions related... but the software has full permissions according to my computer... I can not find any setting that deals with this within TBC.

Can anyone give me an idea of whats going on here?

I am running windows 10 and TBC Version 4.1

Any advice would be much appreciated.