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Trimble Catalyst not found in ArcGIS Collector

Question asked by on May 20, 2018
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Hi, I'm currently using Trimble Catalyst to position within ArcGIS Collector. I have installed TMM, where I can see via GNSS subscription that Catalyst is achieving 30cm accuracy. I have stepped through the TMM and Collector set-up instructions: Configuring the correct GNSS Receiver Coordinate System In ESRI Collector  and Configuring Catalyst In ESRI Collector, including adding the antenna to the location provider in Collector. However, when I view a map in Collector, I am given the error message "Your current receiver Catalyst was not found. Ensure your receiver is powered on". Catalyst seems to be working without issue with the Android device, but does not seem to be talking to Collector. Any suggestions on how to fix this?