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TerraFlex Beta - Vector Reference Layers

Discussion created by Hamish MacMillan on May 24, 2018

The recently released version of TerraFlex (v4.3) contains beta support for downloading and display non-editable vector reference layers on the map. This functionality is disabled by default but can be enabled for Trimble dealers and customers who are interested in providing feedback. 


How vector reference layers are supported in TerraFlex

This functionality enables users to download, store, and display non-editable vector layers on the map in TerraFlex. This provides additional information and context to field users as they do their data collection activities.This functionality is only available when using TerraFlex with Trimble Connect, and is not available on Windows Embedded Handheld devices.


When a project is selected in TerraFlex the application will query the layers within the associated map workspace in Connect. For layers that do not have a template it will download and store the features on the device. Once complete these layers will be available for display on the map, even if the user is working offline.


How to enable vector reference layers for the beta

As mentioned above this functionality is only available with v4.1 of TerraFlex on Android, iOS, or Windows, and only available for users who are using TerraFlex with Trimble Connect.


To enable vector reference layers, navigate to the Sign In screen in TerraFlex, select the Email field and type in 'vectorlayers on'. Then click the Sign In button. If successful the Email field should revert to the previously entered email address and vector reference layers should be enabled



Once you have completed this step sign in to TerraFlex using your Trimble ID email and password. When you have signed in and selected a TerraFlex project the download of vector reference layers for that project will automatically begin. Download progress is shown by the sync button



To see what layers have been downloaded and to control layer visibility click on the Map Layer icon, and select Vector Layers



From here you can see the vector layers available, their symbology, and a toggle to control visibility



Uploading vector reference layers to Connect

For information on how to upload data into Connect for use as reference layers, please see the Help topic Importing Data into a Map Workspace