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How to resume a partial download using PART file?

Question asked by on May 25, 2018



I am not sure if it is the right place for posting this problem. If I am mistaken, I hope someone out there will transfer my post to appropriate people. Well, the problem is that I started downloading a software having size about 400 MB with DownThemAll (Firefox extension). The download was interrupted during the process for some reason. Its entry has been removed from the DTA download manager. Now I see that it has placed a PART file which is worth 300 MB. I am wondering if I can resume this download by using this PART file as it will save my precious bandwidth. Can anybody please tell me how to resume this partial download having a PART file?


Any help will be apprecited.


I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.



How to resume a partial download using PART file? • mozillaZine Forums 

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Thank you.