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Any way to update the welds database by backloading weld shots?

Question asked by James Deitrick on May 31, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by Rob Koot

We started a pipeline as-built project without Pipelines module.  We now have the Pipelines module but the job has been completed, with the weld and bends data in a CSV file.  The CSV file is in order of performing the work, which does not correspond to order of the pipe stationing.


Q1. Can the tally sheet CSV be loaded into the job and then update the database with the weld shots? I have a bunch of welds with no way to get them in order except to manual pick each record in a spreadsheet and move it to the proper sequence.


Q2. We have TBC.  Is there any way to manipulate the data to sequential order (from Station 0+00 to the project terminus?)