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Javad Triumph Antenna Parameters

Question asked by brent test unknown on Jun 4, 2018

I wonder if the Trimble antenna.ini file is correctly reporting the JAVTRIUMPH_2A antenna parameters?

I have looked at the values therein and it reports a value of 77.95mm offset (APC to ARP).  Whereas I am advised by Javad that the NGS value is 50.25mm. (I know the NGS changed the ARP point for the Triumph in Jan-15).

I have been exploring these values and reprocessing some baseline data as I am having trouble reconciling some long occupation data using both Javad and Trimble static data.  The Javad *.jps file is translated to RINEX and processed in TBC (v4.10).

I am not sure if TBC is correctly treating the vertical measurements as entered.

Has anyone else identified issues with Javad origin data in TBC?