Open Traverse Report and Editing Traverse Adjustment Report in TBC/SPSO

Discussion created by on Jun 16, 2018
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Hi everyone,


In order to process my total station data, I am using Spectra Precision Survey Office (SPSO) which is essentially the same with Trimble Business Center (TBC).


I have a query regarding the traverse adjustment. After reading the manual thoroughly it is specifically said that the traverse can start on an unknown point with a known backsight and/or end at an unknown point with a known foresight.


However, in the field data that I want to process there is also the case of the open traverse which starts on a known point with a known backsight and ends on an unknown point with no foresight to another occupied point.


I know that in this case an angular, a vertical and a distance adjustment cannot be performed thus the inability of the program to create a report. I tried selecting "None" to all of the three options but the program, as expected, could not proceed when clicking "Apply" and it showed the following message: "The end station position and end foresight point are unknown."


Nevertheless, I would like to be able to generate a report of this type of traverse which would show:

  • the computed azimuth and the computed mean distance between the pairs of stations with backsight and foresight observations
  • the coordinates of the stations that the open traverse is consisted of (which are computed from the program though the backsight and foresight observations between them)
  • (if possible): the computed mean horizontal angles between the pairs of stations with backsight and foresight observations

I would like to know if anyone is able to generate a report of an open traverse with SPSO (for example by using a specific stylesheet through the job generator report which the program provides).


Finally, I tried to create a new custom report by using as a template the "Traverse Adjustment Report", but to my surprise I found out that there is not such a template available contrary to the "Network Adjustment Report" for example.


My aim was to also include into the Traverse Adjustment Report the Adjusted Horizontal Mean Angles between the pairs of stations of each traverse with backsight and foresight observations. Does anyone know a way for doing this?


Thanks in advance.