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How do I reduce the size / density of a surface model?

Question asked by Layne Meylain on Jul 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2018 by Alan Sharp

Today I had a question from one of our users as to how I could reduce the size of a surface model created from contours that had been provided by the engineer - the problem was they were having difficulties outputting the model to GCS900 because the model was too dense - primarily because the provided contours were chorded at eg 1' Intervals - How do you tackle that?


Project Cleanup.


In the project cleanup command I checked "Filter Line Vertices", left "Include CAD splines" unchecked and used 0.005 for my circle filtering radius. Please reference my attached image "BC HCE v4.11_Project Cleanup Magic" for all of the settings used. 


After running project cleanup this reduced the TIN from 203102 vertices to 57282 vertices removing a total of 145820 vertices. This allowed me to export out the design for the machine and the customer was overwhelmingly please. 

Amazing work BC HCE! I could not live without you!