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XML Import settings - Use "Name" field for layer?

Question asked by Logan Whitehead on Jul 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2018 by Alan Sharp

With the recent release of the 'Use "Desc" field for layer' option in the 4.11 release, I was wondering if it would be possible to add another dropdown on the XML import to use the "name" field for layering. The “desc” field identifies the surface description while the “name” field identifies the point names in the InRoads/OpenRoads templates. This would allow us to standardize naming in the designer’s templates, import xml’s and have the different point features sorted by layer. There are ways to standardize those point names in the InRoads/OpenRoads templates that would coordinate the naming with the feature styles. Here’s an excerpt from an example XML:


<Breakline brkType="standard" name="Fill_Rt" desc="Created by roadway design">


So right now all the features were created by the InRoads Roadway Designer – so the desc field is the same for all breaklines: “Created by roadway design”. But each feature has a name that corresponds to the point naming in the templates – it would be most useful for us to have all these features come in on unique layers for each name. We could standardize the naming so it would correspond to a layer library we would setup. 


Would be really helpful if this option could be added in future releases.