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Import calibration file into Access from SCS900

Question asked by Sam Williams on Jul 24, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2018 by neil harvey



First time posting here


Im working on a site where VRS is not very reliable so we have installed a lot base (Trimble SPS855 with zephyr geodetic antenna).


The job is on OS grid (OSGB36(15)) however as the base is mounted on the roof I have preformed a site calibration of numerous control points using SCS900. The calibration works very well in SCS900 however I would like to use Access for some surveys.


I want to connect trimble access to the existing base that was first initialised with SCS900 (I don't want to restart the base using access, just tie into to the live data feed).


How do I copy the .DC file into an access job and connect to the existing base feed? Currently my position is showing about 2m off.


Surly this is possible, hopefully someone can help.


Many thanks