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Is anyone using a USB drive license?

Question asked by George Henry-Schneider on Jul 31, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2018 by George Henry-Schneider

Earlier this year I bought a new Dell Precision 5520 hoping one machine could work as a desktop/mobile computer. Short story is when it worked it was great. It had some kind of internal problem that replacing mother board twice, hard drive twice and even sending it in for repair did not fix it. Dell finally exchanged with a new 5520 and it has been working for a month without issues. Because the computer would just become totally non functional I could not get my TBC-HCE license removed which required Sitech/Trimble to send a new code and me feeling like I had done something wrong. I have only one seat and use the network license feature. My question is about using the USB drive license. Is anyone using it? Have there been problems around it beside the potential of loosing it and it taking up a USB port? If you add modules does Trimble provide a new stick? I hear it is $1000 to get one which seriously seems like a lot. I was told not to long ago that Trimble was working on moving to an online registrations similar to my Bluebeam or Bricscad licensing but I’m not holding my breath.