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RXL vs LandXML Files

Question asked by George Henry-Schneider on Aug 18, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2018 by George Henry-Schneider

I started working with TBC-HCE six years ago when the company I was with acquired it. At the time it seemed odd because all the machine control/field gear was and still is Topcon. My general workflow is gathering data, assembling and processing in HCE and finally exporting DWG, LandXML and TXT files. I assemble the files using Topcon 3D-Office into a project file that can be used with the Topcon gear.


This week I started a new local City Engineering street project. While talking to one of the City’s lead surveyors to get extra data he mentioned they had recently acquired Trimble Business Center. He said they design with Civil 3D, use Trimble gear but that BC was still in the learning curve phase. He had previously sent out a TTM finish grade surface file along with a LandXML file for the same surface. When I imported them into my HCE the surfaces are exactly the same. Now I wanted an alignment file in LandXML format. He said he could also export an RXL file for the alignment that might also work. When I imported all the CAD, LandXML and CSV data into HCE it all aligned up perfectly. However the RXL file was over 20,000 feet away, pointing the wrong way and the stationing was off.

I’m assuming that there are settings either on his end or my end that would need to be changed for an RXL file to actually work for me. Can anyone suggest where I can look for some guidance with this? I will continue to ask for my usual data for modeling but perhaps the RXL file might be useful too.