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Pathfinder Office not Carrier Correcting

Question asked by Guest on Aug 30, 2018
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I am have an issue post-processing my GPS data with Pathfinder Office and am hoping someone may have a solution/advice. Specifically, a percentage of or all of my positions fail to carrier correct. I have processed dozens of data files in the past and have not had any issues until recently.
Carrier processing using base provider CORS, EYAC_AKDA_AK2005 (EYAC),   ALASKA (ITRF00 (1997)-Derived from IGS08 (NEW))...     Selected 432 positions for post-processing     Corrected 0 positions     Failed to correct 432 positions  -------------------------------------------------- Differential Correction Summary: 1 file processed.  In this file:     0 (0.0%) of 3888 selected positions were carrier corrected by post-  processing against 10 base providers  Differential correction complete.

For some data files, a percentage of the positions do carrier correct. 

I am able to code correct the data but I am looking for very high vertical accuracy so I always carrier process using multiple base providers.

I get 100% coverage from the base providers and there are no issues downloading base provider data.

Carrier lock was acquired for >10mins before data logging.

Here is what else I have already tried:

  • Checking expanded audit files - no explanation for why it failed
  • Checking SSF files - no errors or corrupt records found
  • Updating PFO
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling PFO
  • Manually downloading CORS Base Station data, insuring that the file time duration matches that of my Rover file
  • Checking that Terrasync is logging carrier data

 This has never been an issue before and I'm not sure how to fix this and I'm not sure if it is a software issue or an issue with my equipment. 

I am using:

  • PFO version 4.10
  • TerraSync version 3.21
  • Handheld -Trimble Nomad
  • Receiver - Trimble ProXRT
  • Antenna - Trimble Zephyr 2