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Question asked by Glenn Etienne on Aug 28, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2018 by Glenn Etienne

We would like to be able to view the Subgrade Surface of a Corridor simultaneously with the Finish grade for comparisons to multiple surfaces and digitized cross sections. When creating the Corridor it would be great if the "Subgrade" surface was listed as a surface to toggle on/off just as the Finish surface. The option here would be PR-A (Subgrade) or PR-A (Dirt) depending on the name set by the user.


In this example I am comparing the Digitized EGR & FGR, a client EGR topo, a designers model, the corridor (Finish) model and our Final surface model. Adding the corridor subgrade/dirt surface would make visual cross section checking much faster/easier than having to repeat the checks with the corridor switched to the alternative surface and no reference to the Finish Corridor unless using the Template cross section view. But then we lose the digitized cross sections. 


I realize the digitized cross sections can be used to create a surface then all surfaces referenced to the corridor for viewing in the corridor template cross section. Often that increases file size (due to the additional surfaces) and gives false information at station samples that do not have a digitized section..... It would be great to have the AEA of the chosen alignment and two selected surfaces in the upper left corner like the Template Cross Section view.......


Performing our checks in the alignment cross section view is just a cleaner view without having to risk messing up a template!