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Point Data Handling in BC-HCE and SCS900

Question asked by Alan Sharp on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2019 by Alan Sharp

This week I have been working with a customer relating to some questions that they raised relating to "Managing Point Data" in BC-HCE and SCS900 / Siteworks. The question arose because they were using v3.92 of BC-HCE and were having issues when they resolved Conflicts relating to Site Calibration changes that created a chain reaction that resulted in physically moving Control Point and Stakeout Points because of an apparent Coordinate System Change.


When we tracked back, we found that the issue they were experiencing has been resolved in BC-HCE since the version they were using, however the discussion led me to look deeper into Point Types that exist in BC-HCE and Best Practices to adopt while Importing or Creating Point Data for Control, Stakeout or from survey / site positioning work to minimize any likelihood of problems on projects.


I enclose the Doc here for anyone that may be interested - as a summary these are the Highlights


The two main Point Types created in BC-HCE are Grid Only Points and Grid Points. They are represented on screen differently and have different properties. Grid Only Points are lightweight objects that cannot be moved by a Coordinate System Change whereas Grid Points are heavier more Survey Oriented Points that can be derived from multiple coordinates (N,E,Z, Local or Global Coordinates). In the doc I explore the properties of each, how to create each type and how each type will react to Coordinate System Changes. I also explored SCS900 Office Control, Field Control and Stakeout Point data as well as Site Calibration DC and CAL files to try and drive clarity in use.


Through this process I draw some conclusions and recommendations for development going forwards, but also provide some Best Practice input for you as users of SCS900 and BC-HCE.


I hope that you may find this helpful


Here is the Link - Click Here