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Control Question: Can some explain the pro/cons of using the Control Feature.

Question asked by Ryan Burmaster on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2018 by Robert Hoy

ACCESS:  When to use the 'Control' feature for points?  Our issue, the jobs start assumed, and we normally work a week on an assumed control, til we return and it is solve it.  Occasionally we've got errors in the base changing elevation between days, which we catch with check points that are not near the base, but a few hundred feet away.  Does using the 'control' feature have pro/cons when in the field working that first week assumed?      Our day files are kept separate, and the master is always the prior day(s) accumulative work, til we can compile one Master Job once the data is solved in the office.


Having separate files for each, allows us to check, and maintain a safe work flow, so keeping that in mind, how does using the Control Feature effect the work flow?


Thanks for your tips...


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