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SurveyPRO 6.3x for Windows 10 fixed solution has large residuals with SP60

Question asked by Alexander Holsteinson on Sep 9, 2018

Doing RTK with a SP60 GNSS rover receiver with a Windows 10 version of SurveyPRO 6.3x on a tablet connected to a single base CORS Trimble NetR9 via NTRIP located at 2 kilometers in a clear area provides a fixed solution with 3 cm horizontal and 5 cm vertical after 5 minutes measuring every epoch.... Seems very slow to get the fixed solution in SurveyPRO but could it be a lack of optimization for RTK via NTRIP,  a SP60 incompatibility or the RTK algorithm ?


Tried with ACCESS 2017.21 in a TSC3 with the SP60 at the same point and got fixed with 0.006m H and 0.010m V in less than 5 seconds after connecting to the mount point in the same Trimble CORS